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Leadership Development

Leaders have significant influence over the culture of your organisation, and it is important they are equipped with the skills necessary to create collaborative and inclusive cultures. At Spring Insight, our focus is on helping leaders develop skills in emotional intelligence, that can help leaders effectively motivate, empower and lead their teams. Leadership development doesn't happen overnight and for this reason, we typically offer longer-term leadership programmes that create opportunity for deeper growth and transformation.

All of our programmes are based on a strong foundation of psychological research, are highly practical and create safe spaces where leaders can effectively learn. We offer a consultative approach and will work with you to create the best learning programme for your organisation. Get in touch to explore the range of options available.

Examples of Emotional Intelligence in action

Conflict management: An emotionally intelligent leader can mediate disputes effectively by understanding the underlying emotions and guiding the parties to a mutually beneficial resolution.


Navigating stress: A leader who recognises their team’s stress levels during a project can offer support, redistribute workloads, or provide resources to alleviate pressure, thus maintaining productivity and morale.


Growth mindset: Leaders who are able to deliver constructive feedback in way that motivates their teams to learn, helps foster a growth mindset, leading to a willingness to take on new challenges and fulfil potential

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