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Emotional Intelligence & Team Collaboration

In this highly experiential and interactive workshop, we use the DISC Insights Psychometric to understand our behaviour and communication preferences and those of the people we work with. The workshop includes the following:

- Overview of common behavioural preferences including communication style, ways of working and approach to collaboration

- An opportunity to learn about the preferences between team members including where there may be differences

- Learning about the things we can do to collaborate more effectively with those we work with

Difficult Conversations & Conflict Resolution

It is inevitable that from time to time we will be faced with situations where we
need to engage in courageous or difficult conversations. From navigating interpersonal tensions with people that we work with, to providing tricky feedback and managing external clients, this workshop draws on evidence-based principles for how to collaborate effectively in a range of contexts.  We cover a range of tools and techniques including:

- the 5 common approaches to difficult conversations

- understanding the underlying needs of ourselves and those we work wit

- the power of reframe

- assertive modes of conversation.

There will be opportunity to explore case studies and work on real-world scenarios.

The Coach Approach

Coaching approaches enable managers to lead with an effective balance between assertive and empathic support, thus creating a powerful, performance based culture of well-being and self-responsibility. In this practical workshop we explore:

- the essence of coaching

- a coaching mindset

- barriers to success as a coaching manager

- a range of experiential exercises to explore listening skills

- powerful questioning techniques

- different tools for setting up and structuring coaching type conversations

Success Mindset

This practical workshops explores a range of evidence-based tools for developing a success mindset. It will include evidence for and against different techniques and an opportunity for experiential learning and reflective practice. The workshop includes the following:

- What is a success mindset

- Common blockers, including Inner Critics and Saboteurs

- Self-acceptance and compassion focused approaches

- Positive Psychology and strengths tools

- Cognitive tools including reframing our thinking

You will walk away from the workshop with a plan for how to overcome your blockers and successfully work towards your goals

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