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Coaching is a powerful and dynamic process that creates profound opportunity for personal and professional learning and growth. As an accredited Coach with many years of experience, I have developed a wide range of tools and techniques to support you effectively on your journey of transformation.

Coaching can be used effectively to make progress on a wide range of themes and intentions. It can be offered as a team process and on a one-to-one coaching basis. 

Get in touch for a free 30-minute consultation and see how we might work together. 


One to One Coaching

Coaching can be used effectively to make progress on a wide range of themes and intentions including:

  • Growing your confidence of becoming more confidence in a particular aspect of your work-life

  • Developing your leadership skills

  • Developing more effective professional relationships, including managing upwards

  • Managing a difficult relationship or navigating through team tensions

  • Developing your assertiveness and boundary setting

  • Career progression

  • Leading the team through change

  • Finding purpose and meaning in your work

  • Developing your well-being and resilience

  • Building self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Group Coaching

A coaching approach is an effective intervention for creating change at the team or group level. Common themes include:

Navigating Team Tensions: Models of team formation show that some conflict within the team can be normal and healthy. Yet, sometimes tensions can grow and toxic behaviours begin to take root. Having an external professional facilitate communication and ways of working with the team can be a powerful mechanism to build understanding of self and other and build a more collaborative team culture.

Leadership Coaching: Coaching leaders in a group context has huge benefits because it facilitates a culture of learning and personal accountability. There is opportunity for participants to share their leadership journey, including their successes and failures, and support one another to be more effective in their role.

Creating Change

Our Approach

Coaching is a flexible service that can be offered on-line from the comfort of your own home or in-person. Typically, the initial session involves exploring your coaching intentions, including what you hope to achieve from the process, why this is important and things you have tried so far. From here, a coaching plan is developed based on your goals and how you like to work. 

Each session will involve the coach using deep listening techniques and insightful questions to facilitate awareness building.  Sometimes, exercises are suggested to aid your thinking or access what your intuition or instinct already knows.


For coaching to be effective, it must be built on a foundation of mutual trust, non-judgement and confidentiality. This is because coaching provides a safe container for you to share openly about your experience and personal blockers.


Core Coaching Principles

  • An optimistic view of human nature: Each of us is always doing the best we can at any given moment

  • Through awareness comes change: When we become aware of unhelpful habits or ways of being, this creates clarity for where changes can be made

  • Self-accountability: A coach may provide feedback, challenge you to think differently or suggest hypotheses for what might be happening, but they will never tell you what to do

Ways of Working

When it comes to coaching, there is no one size fits all and it is important to work in partnership to find the best approach for you as an individual.  Here are some of the ways we might work together below:

Working with the rational brain: Sometimes the best approach is to explore our thought patterns with a focus on identifying, and possibly challenging or reframing unhelpful beliefs. This can involve cognitive-behavioural or NLP methods.

Working with emotions: Often what we are initially aware of are the emotions triggered by a particular situation, but are not entirely clear on why we feel this way. Understanding our emotions can be useful to help identify the underlying issue and find an effective solution.

Working with our intuition: We can all relate to times we just had an instinct about a particular person or situation, or an inner knowing. Our intuitions hold great wisdom and when used alongside logic of the brain can be a powerful force for change.


Working with the body: Our thoughts and feelings are intimately bound up with our somatic experience including tension, pain or other physical sensation. Exploring these sensations can sometimes be the best way to create awareness and transformation.


Working with the visual or metaphorical mind: Using visualisations or working in a metaphorical way can be an effective approach for tapping into our creativity and our unconscious or sub-conscious mind.

Working with our past self: Exploring our past experiences can be a powerful method to understand how we became the person we are today and identify any experiences that still require processing and resolution. Time-line techniques and working with the inner child are helpful tools that might be used with this approach.


Working with the future self: Thinking about the person we want to be in the future can be a powerful mechanism for building clarity and mobilising our energy for change.

Working together: I offer a variety of packages to suit the needs of individuals and businesses that I work with. Pease do get in touch for more information or a free 30-minute introductory call to discuss how we might work together.

What People are Saying

Sarah and her approach comes with my highest recommendation. She is calm, warm, thoughtful, friendly, curious, clear, intentional, insightful, full of integrity and professional. She  is masterful at creating a comfortable space that feels paced, safe and secure. 

Suzanne Lyons, Vision Strategist

I was always impressed with Sarah's ability to understand the critical points of conversation, and the perfect fit of the exercises she selected for me. Anyone considering working with a coach, would be lucky to have Sarah by their side.

Emma Mason, Marketing Executive

Sarah is a great listener, and helped me achieve some light bulb moments about the things that were blocking me at work. Fast forward 6 months, I am in a much better life and finding work rewarding once again after a period of very low motivation.

Helen Abel, People and Culture Director

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