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Chatter - how we can use the voice in our head to promote wellbeing and high performance

Chatter - "The cyclical negative thoughts and emotions that turn our singular capacity for introspection into a curse rather than a blessing" (Ethan Kross, 2021)

Probably something we can all relate to - when the ruminations of our inner voice become destructive rather than reflective and helpful.

In this book Chatter: The Voice in Our Head and How to Harness It, Ethan Kross explores the neuroscience and research that helps us to understand our inner voice and the tools we have readily at our disposal to use it well.

I've put together a summary of some of the key concepts and tools articulated. The infographic is pretty packed but I still could have added more!

These are tools I use in my own tool box and they regularly come up in coaching conversations too. If you are interested in finding out more about coaching please do get in touch on LinkedIn or at

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