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Wild Mind - A Field Guide to the Human Psyche

This book, written by Psychologist and Wilderness Guide, provides a conceptual and nature-based map of the human psyche. It draws heavily on Jungian Psychology, and therefore takes a holistic, spiritual and somewhat psycho-analytical view of psychological development. It also takes inspiration from the natural world, and shows that we are inherently inter-connected with all other beings.

It provides a field guide for how we can develop to be the most whole version of ourselves and live our greatest and most purpose-driven life. I found it inspiring and logical in the concepts it introduces. I also found it incredibly practical, with a whole variety of tools we can use to support ourselves and others on the journey of personal development.

This can in turn help us in both our personal and professional roles that we hold in life.

Here is a very brief summary of the book, along with an overview of one of the tools it offers. If you like what you see, perhaps you'll consider reading the whole thing.

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