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Welcome to Spring Insight, we are an evidence-based learning and development provider, helping individuals and purpose-led businesses create positive, inclusive and high-performance cultures. 


Our passion is to use the latest psychology research and insight to design human-centred, high-impact learning solutions. ​Our particular expertise is around helping teams and individuals develop their emotional intelligence, a vital component of a successful workplace culture.

Emotional intelligence enhances communication, leadership, teamwork, and effective conflict resolution while fostering a positive work environment.

Emotional Intelligence

In our learning programmes, we are seeking to enhance emotional intelligence in five key areas:

  1. Self-awareness: Recognising one's own emotions, strengths, weaknesses, values, and motivations. 

  2. Self-regulation: Managing one's emotions healthily and constructively including stress, and adapting to changing circumstances.

  3. Motivation: Understanding ones own blockers and drivers, and how these can be used for success in the workplace environment. 

  4. Empathy: Understanding and considering others' emotions, needs, and concerns, allowing one to build stronger relationships.

  5. Social skills: Managing relationships including effective communication, conflict management, teamwork, and leadership.

The benefits of Emotional Intelligence at Work include:

  • Improved communication leading to fewer misunderstandings and better collaboration.

  • Enhanced leadership and better at  motivating teams, managing stress, and making thoughtful decisions 

  • Better teamwork including collaborating more effectively and respecting different styles and perspectives 

  • Healthy conflict resolution, becoming more adept at navigating and resolving conflict and engaging in healthy forms of conflict

  • Increased adaptability, managing change effectively and remaining calm during times of transition

  • Higher confidence and job satisfaction, increasing overall job satisfaction 

What We Offer

One to One and Group

Whether your intention is to improve team collaboration or work on your professional confidence, coaching is a powerful technique that helps build awareness and creates opportunity for growth and transformation. 

Skills Workshops

We offer a selection of bespoke, evidence-based workshops on a variety of topics that each help to develop an aspect of emotional intelligence. Each of the workshops can be run as a 2 hour session, half day or full day event and will be modified to fit your organisational needs.

Leadership Development

Encouraging leaders to develop their emotional intelligence can enhance their ability to manage teams and foster a supportive work culture. Our leadership development programmes are designed around the specific needs of your business, and will often include topics such as feedback and performance conversations, coaching skills and communication style. 

Brands and Partnerships

What People are Saying

Sarah is engaging and inclusive and creates a safe space that empowers delegates to be open and participate, her courses are never one-way! 

Gary Griffiths, Head of Sales, euNetworks

Inspiring, skilful, and personal are the words that come to mind when I think of Sarah. She enabled me to achieve far more in our time together than I ever thought possible!

Emma Mason, Marketing Executive, Baxi

We've found Sarah to be grounded, methodical and inspirational as a trainer - the Resilience workshop in particular was hugely beneficial for our management team.

Alex Rock, Commercial Director, Derby Museums

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